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The state of science for genomics in sports nutrition

The state of science for genomics in sports nutrition

By Danielle Masterson

As a heritable trait influenced by both environmental and genetic factors, athletic performance varies widely from person to person. Speaking at the Sports and Active Nutrition Summit, Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, chief science officer at Toronto-based Nutrigenomix,...


Prinova releases megatrends report

By Danielle Masterson

From gut health to a healthier planet, ingredient firm Prinova is hoping to use its latest megatrends report to showcase the opportunities available to leverage its ingredient portfolio, vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and other in-house...

Distinct and often opposing health effects of BCAAs

BCAAs harbor distinct and often opposing health effects: Study

By Asia Sherman

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have detected biases in the study of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), suggesting that these essential nutrients do not have the homogenous effect in humans previously observed.

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Thorne taps former Vitamin Shoppe CEO for top job

By Stephen Daniells

Colin Watts, former CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe and president of Weight Watchers Health Solutions, has been named the new CEO of Thorne, Thorne HealthTech’s personalized supplement and testing unit.

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Guest Article

Specialised Nutrition in 2023 and beyond

By Beat Späth, Secretary General, Specialised Nutrition Europe

At Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE), highlights in 2023 include the publication of the Code of Practice, important advocacy efforts on topics like packaging, nutrition labelling and date marking, key public statements made on infant and young child...

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Viome Life Sciences acquires Naring Health

By Danielle Masterson

With an already extensive repository of human biological data–52.55 quadrillion data points paired with phenotype data from over 700,000 human samples–the strategic acquisition is certain to take precision nutrition to a whole new level.


Biotic personalisation for the microbiome: is it worth it?

By Olivia Brown

Experts have highlighted the potential for the ‘hyper-personalisation’ of biotics to suit individual microbiome compositions for targeted health benefits, but expense, lack of scientific data, and regulatory restrictions represent significant barriers....

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Muhdo levels up personalised nutrition through epigenetics

By Nikki Hancocks

Muhdo, the first company to provide nutrition and lifestyle advice based on epigenetic analysis, is set to relaunch with tests and guidance to reveal how individual micro and macro-nutrients impact gene expression and function.

Startup Stars: Prevess pioneering personalised nutrition with AI

Start-up Spotlight

Startup Stars: Prevess pioneering personalised nutrition with AI

By Olivia Haslam

Founded by Timo Spring, a former professional swimmer, Prevess (Prevention Effortless) is harnessing the power of AI technology to provide in-the-moment science-backed personalised nutrition guidance to athletes.

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Qina reveals top 10 trends in personalised nutrition

By Nikki Hancocks

Personalised nutrition experts at the Qina consultancy have revealed a top tends report, unveiling a ChatGPT take-over, a merging of food and pharma, an entrance of big tech firms, and new abilities created by at-home blood draws.

NutraCast: Combining medicine and tech for precision nutrition

NutraCast: Combining medicine and tech for precision nutrition

By Danielle Masterson

A well-known physician nutritionist and serial tech entrepreneur have joined forces to combine their medicine and consumer technology expertise to launch a AHARA, precision nutrition Consumer Health Tech Company that provides ultra-personalized nutrition...

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GNC launches supplemental health care service

By Danielle Masterson

The new service, GNC Health, offers access to licensed medical professionals, reduced wait time for urgent care and personal health appointments for loyalty members.

NutraWomen Wednesday: Amanda Frick, ND, LAc, VP Medical Affairs, Thorne

NutraWomen Wednesday: Amanda Frick, ND, LAc, VP Medical Affairs, Thorne

By Danielle Masterson

Amanda Frick, ND, LAc, VP of Medical Affairs at Thorne, was trained as a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist. She’s passionate about facilitating health and wellness by driving innovation, education, and safety of dietary supplements. She’s been in...

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Bioactives’ moment has arrived

By Danielle Masterson

A new coalition has formed, paving the way for mainstream awareness about bioactives found in plants, fungi and other natural sources.

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